Encrypted File Hosting

Now, your files at the cloud can be encrypted. With our Encrypted File Hosting solution, your files are secured and encrypted and can only be seen by you. With clients for your pc, phone or tablet you can access your files from anywhere without carrying usb flashes and external hard drives. Our versioning system keeps multiple versions of your files so you do not worry for accidentally saves or deletes.

Cloud Backup

Lost files and system failures are nightmares of the past. With our Cloud Backup platform you can easily configure the backup of your File Server, your Active Directory, your Exchange Server or even your SQL server and store your data at our secure , high available infrastructure without the need to keep tapes or other media.

Cloud Security

Our innovative Cloud Security solution can offer you ultimate grade security without the cost of next generation firewalls, complicated intrusion prevention systems or unstable antivirus gateways. Our SOC is guarding your perimeter 24/7 and inform you or mitigate the attacks according your demanding.

Virtual Leased Lines

Virtual Leased Line technology uses a special algorithm to aggregate bandwidth and create a virtual leased line whose speed is equal to the sum of the speeds of the individual connections used. The aggregated bandwidth offered by VLL technology is available even for the transfer of a single file, since the data is sent simultaneously utilising all the available connections. You can achieve high speed internet connections utilising multiple ADSL lines.

International VPN

Installing our network appliances in each branch/office accomplishes the efficient aggregation of available low-cost Internet connections (Virtual Leased Line technology). The resulting single link can be used exclusively for a Virtual Private Network that connects your branches securely thru a high speed encrypted channel.

International Path Optimisation

Linking remote locations internationally often suffers from high latency and limited data transfer rates due to the non-optimised international routing of ISPs. The problem is particularly noticeable when it comes to intercontinental communications. To optimise the latency and speed in these cases, our service offers the ability of International path optimisation by routing data traffic through encrypted tunnels using a selection of optimal intermediate nodes.

Server Monitoring

Monitor your server performance and health in  order to detect upcoming issues in early stage before they do harm. With our server monitoring service you can ensure the availability of your services and the health of your server starting with €5 / month.

Security Monitoring (SIEM)

Security devices are producing huge amounts of logs that turn the life of the security engineer to a nightmare. Our SIEM solution collects all the logs from your security devices and your targeted servers, analyse them and identify possible security breaches in real time. Real time alarms and security PKIs help you to keep your infrastructure secure with a monthly fee and not the extreme cost of an in-house SIEM solution.

Secure Remote Access

Mobility is the new trend in business. But how mobility can be safe enough in order to not exposure your IT infrastructure to public internet? Our secure remote access service gives you access to your corporate data via encrypted VPN tunnels from any device. Now, you can limit the exposure and minimise the attach vectors without loosing mobility.

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