We offer colocation services in our partner datacenters in  Greece and Cyprus in very competitive prices. Our selected Datacenters are certified Tier-3 with guarantee uptime of 99.99%. Their state-of-art infrastructure are designed as N+1 model for power, cooling and networking. Contact us for more details and quotation.

Dedicated Servers

If you need high performance and dedicated resources then you can take the advantage of our offered dedicated servers solution at the best prices. Send us your request or contact our specialised support team to design and order your dedicated server today.

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Virtual Datacenter

If you need absolute control over your virtual resources in order to deploy or delete virtual machines any time you want in minutes then our Virtual Datacenter solution is for you. You lease computing, memory and storage and via our platform you can manage your virtual datacenter fast and easy without the cost of physical infrastructure.

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Virtual Private Servers

Our high performance virtual private servers – VPS – are hosted in Greece, Slovakia and Malta with high speed internet connections, ready to serve your needs. Order the virtual server that covers your needs and it will be up and running in minutes. If you cannot find the server with the resources that you want please contact us for customization.

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Virtual Desktops

Forget the coloured screens of failures or the numerous O/S formats and software installations. Now you can have your Desktop experience that you want using the VDI technology in affordable costs. Our engineers can configure the desktops according your needs and every day you will be sure that they remain the same as the first day that you used them.

Web Hosting

Each type of web hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks! We have made 4 packages that are covering the needs of individual customers or big corporations. Host your website to our servers and take the advantages of the latest versions of PHP, MySQL and Virtualmin Panel.

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